Frequently Asked Questions

What is Christian Counseling?

Christian Counseling represents an integration of professional counseling methods with biblical truths and principles. It recognizes the role of the Holy Spirit in emotional healing. Development of a closer relationship with God can be encouraged.

What if I’m not a Christian?

Everyone is welcome. I meet people wherever they are in their life's' journey, whether you are a believer, non-believer or are questioning your faith. You will always be treated with care and respect.

What are your fees? 

Counseling sessions are 60 minutes at $125 using debt/credit or $100 if you pay by cash, check or ZELLE

Additional time is $25 per half hour

Group Counseling is $100/month

Payment is accepted in cash, check or debit/credit. I do NOT take insurance.

What are your Hours?

Office hours are Monday through Friday; first appointment is 9am and the last appointment is 7pm. Some weeknight and weekend appointments are available on a limited bases.

How long will it take to get scheduled? And how often will I need to come?

The more flexible you can be, the easier it will be to get an appointment quickly. Most people want late-afternoon and/or early evening appointments, so the demand for these appointments is extremely high. Frequency of counseling will need to be determined after your first appointment. On average, most clients schedule appointments 2-4 times per month. Many clients come more frequently when starting counseling, then less frequently as they begin to see positive changes and results.

How do I set up an appointment?

All counseling is done by appointment only. To schedule an appointment, please contact me by phone or email found on the Contact page. I'll ask you to provide some general information regarding the issues you're facing and your reasons for seeking counseling, as well as you're availability for counseling appointments. I will contact you back with an appointment time and attach the necessary paperwork for you to complete prior to your first appointment if possible.

How it Works


Phone Conversation or Send an Email

If you or someone you know is considering counseling, the first step is to give me a call or send me an email message, it is free and completely confidential.

In that conversation we will work together to find the right next step for you.


[email protected]


Initial Meeting

The first meeting is a great opportunity to meet you and build a relationship with you.

I will work to schedule a time that is convenient for you and within the next week. The initial session usually lasts 90 minutes, giving us enough time to fully explore your issues.

Meeting with a counselor for the first time can be uncomfortable, but I have served hundreds of clients and completely understand the difficulty of an initial meeting.


Weekly Sessions

During the first meeting, you and I will set up a weekly or otherwise regularly scheduled time to meet together. These session last 50 minutes.

It is during these times that we will begin to develop treatment goals that will help guide you toward personal and relational wholeness.

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