INTRODUCING 30 MinuteTherapy

Amid this COVID-19 crisis, many of us have felt knocked down and nearly swept away...Its been unprecedented. But what an amazing opportunity for a life RESET a time for renewal and a time to establish a New Normal. 30MinuteTherapy is highly focused, brief counseling sessions designed to help you get life back on track; with a fresh perspective and new outlook on life.     

Counseling Services & Specialized Issues

Our life journeys take many paths with different obstacles along the way. These challenges can bring loss of joy and hope. The path to restoring that joy and hope comes through the integration of sound biblical truths and principles and professional counseling practices that address the emotional and spiritual needs of each individual.

Dedicated to Walking with You

Individual Counseling for Life's Issues and Transitions

If you or someone you love is struggling with depression, grief, loss or other emotional challenges; or are in the midst of a life transition such as divorce, separation, loss of a relationship or employment and it is causing stress, anxiety, panic or mild depression? there is no need to suffer alone in isolation. Struggling just to get through you day is no way to live. You may need someone to help you through. Someone you can trust.

Individual Counseling for Spouses of Sex Addiction

Once a sex addiction, affair or emotional betrayal in your marriage is discovered, the fall out is life changing and devastating. Grief, anger, confusion and self-doubt are only a few of the emotions you will experience on the roller coaster that is now your life. Nothing makes sense and most people just don't understand the depth of your brokenness. It is vital that you get the specialized support and guidance you need to regain your SELF and to restore your life. Joy and peace is possible.

Couples Counseling for Healing Marriages broken by Infidelity

Specialized help for couples facing a crisis in their marriage due to sex addiction, pornography addiction, emotional affairs and infidelity; needing guidance and encouragement to work on issues of sobriety, accountability, trust and forgiveness, Crossed Hearts offers specialized counseling to address your very specific issues.

Specialized Counseling For Men and Women Struggling with Sex Addiction, Pornography Addiction, Emotional Affairs, Infidelity

If you are in the grips of a sex addiction, pornography addiction or other issues of sexual purity, you need a safe, honest and knowledgeable place to work on sobriety, break free of damaging behaviors and put your life back together. Don't walk through this dark valley alone.

Survive & Thrive Women's Process Group

If your marriage has been affected by sexual addiction, you are not alone. Survive & Thrive is a biblically-based support group designed and led by an experienced Christian Counselor. It is a safe place for women to come together and support each other through the trauma and heartbreak brought about by sexual betrayal; learning to replace life shattering grief with unshakable joy. There is a fee to attend this group. The next group starting in January 2021.

GRACEfull Hearts Process Group for Women Struggling with Sexual Brokenness

Grace is freedom and there is no shame in 


GRACEfull Hearts is a new one-of-a-kind recovery and support group specifically designed for women struggling with pornography, sexual purity and addiction. Women battling sexual issues desperately need a safe place to connect, get help and healing. Group starting TBA