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30 Minute Therapy

30 MinuteTherapy is a concept that was created to help address the very unique issues coming out of this historic COVID-19 crisis. So many of my clients and friends are telling me how their lives have been turned upside-down. Most feeling unsettled at some level and many feeling fearful, even panicked. Indeed our lives have been impacted in unprecedented ways with the loss of familiar routines and feeling disconnected from our family and friends.  

Within a few weeks we found ourselves confined to living almost all of our daily lives within the four walls of our homes; nearly eliminating our "normal" routine and way of life. Think about it...

Adjusting to working from home or losing your job altogether

Kids now online schooling at home not able to socialize and play with their friends

No senior prom or graduations 

Postponing most weddings and funerals or greatly reducing the event.

Stores, salons and restaurants closed

Our gyms and places of recreation and worship closed.

Meeting friends or family for holidays, events or just to socialize is all but eliminated... It can take a toll

emotionally... however, the choice is yours on how to respond... You can either get run over by the steam engine or become the steam engine! 

30 Minute Therapy Can Be YOUR Solution

How this Works:

The concept of Compressed Time

Compressed time is simply the idea that when you reduce the time allotted to perform or engage in something, that something becomes more focused and streamlined. You naturally become more efficient, less distracted. And when applied to the counseling relationship, it can be quite effective! 

Sessions move along productively with less small-talk or recap of previous sessions. You are more likely to come prepared and on-time, ready to jump in. Time pressure creates a sense of urgency and accomplishment. And because we work together remotely, we can meet anywhere on a more flexible schedule.

Who IS This For?

  • Those who are ready for a fresh start, to create a new path.
  • Anyone who feels like they could use  a RESET following this unsettled time.
  • Someone who is looking for a "tune up" or adjustment in their life, career and/or relationships. 

Full Disclosure: This is not for couples dealing with issues of infidelity or severe conflict, individuals struggling with purity issues, sex addiction or pornography. Someone processing through long-term emotional issues i.e. depression, anxiety, past trauma or abuse.

What Can You Expect?

30 Minute Therapy is solution focused and brief therapy interventions designed to move you from where you are today, to where you'd like to be tomorrow. Very little time, if any is spent on past issues or family dynamics. The direction is forward...establishing and creating the path you want to be on; addressing the issues that have been standing in your way - this IS therapy not coaching.

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